COOMOT2 | 18-19-20 March 2024

Invited Talks

Four presentations have been scheduled.


The hunt for extrasolar co-orbital worlds: attempts, results and implications

Jorge Lillo-Box, Center for Astrobiology, CSIC-INTA, Spain


Low-Thrust transfer to a large Sun-Earth DRO through a SEL point launch from the Cubesat HENON Mission Analysis

Stefano Cicalò, SpaceDyS s.r.l., Italy


On the motion of the plutonian moons

Marc Jorba-Cuscó, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain


The coorbital dynamics in binary systems

Fernando Roig, National Observatory, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

18 March 2024
19 March 2024
20 March 2024
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