COOMOT2 International workshop on Co-orbital Motion: modeling, understanding and exploitation
18-19-20 March 2024

The co-orbital motion is a perfect paradigm of dynamical regime that draws the attention of scientists belonging to different communities. As a matter of fact, this orbital regime plays a key role in the understanding of the three-body problem, to model the motion of natural bodies and eventually observe them, and to design spacecraft trajectories for exploration missions (e.g., distant retrograde orbits or orbits associated with the Lagrangian points L3, L4 and L5).
The aim of the workshop is to bring together mathematicians, planetary scientists and aerospace engineers to share their knowledge and experience as regards to mathematical tools, results and possible applications.


Invited Talks

Four presentations have been scheduled


Different Countries



Call for contributions

COOMOT2 encourages the researchers to send an abstract on the following topics:

  • theoretical modeling and mathematical proof
  • natural bodies (asteroids and dust, moons, planets) motion modeling and simulation
  • natural bodies observation
  • trajectory design (actual missions or concepts exploiting co-orbital motion or targeting co-orbital bodies).
Abstracts are submitted from Register and Submit section where instructions and templates are available.

Abstract submission

12 Feb 2024

Acceptance notification

19 Feb 2024

Contribution submission

15 Mar 2024

Workshop Programme

Attendance is free of charge

but registration is required.


Day 1

18 March 2024

Detailed Program

Day 2

19 March 2024

Detailed Program

Day 3

20 March 2024

Detailed Program
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